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Gourmet food trucks or why Mex Fresh Gozo is the best in Gozo

Gourmet food trucks or why Mex Fresh Gozo is the best in Gozo

Food truck is considered a large vehicle to sell different types of food. It can be pastries, ice cream or different type of fast food. The history of food trucks is taking us back to 1800 Texas state in USA when first trucks were very simple, having small shelving and draws and were selling dried beans, coffee, cornmeal, greasy cloth-wrapped bacon, salt pork, beef, usually dried or salted or smoked, and other easy to preserve food dishes. Later, people started to improve food trucks adding sinks, fridges, stoves. In nowadays, food trucks are like mobile canteens and their popularity is growing every day.

Why? Because its convenient for people to grab a snack while they are on a road, because in many restaurants you most likely will be required to leave tips, some food trucks park close to your office or school which is fast and again convenient and most importantly, they serve different ethnic, gourmet or fusion foods at reasonable prices. Why not to taste something different and affordable?

The situation of food trucks in Gozo island, Malta was reviewed by “Island eats”. The link back in May, 2017. However, I am pretty sure, Gozo will have soon more and more gourmet food trucks.

I am considering our food truck as the gourmet place to eat, because we use authentic ingredients and cook from very high-quality products. Our dishes require skills, knowledge and understanding about flavors, taste, seasonings and the whole composition. That’s why every bite gives satisfaction and pleasure to smell, taste and eat.

Our strategy is to serve different foods daily. Mexican cuisine is attractive itself, of its variety of dishes and freshness. That’s why we have different people throughout the week – vegetarians, vegans, pork, beef, chicken or seafood lovers. We do bbq, we serve shredded meat, chile con carne, smoked brisket, grilled or fry fish and shrimps. Everything is up to customer’s choice – to have in a homemade corn tortilla’s as a taco, burrito or salad bowl. We cook daily fresh refried beans and rice, so vegans can have burritos or fried rolls-flautas. From time to time we do chimichangas, enchiladas, brown mole, desserts like tres leches, empanadas with guava or dulce de leche.

I wish to every food truck successful journey. It is hard work, but as well as a huge satisfaction to meet new people, hear their stories and make them happy enjoying your food.



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