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Island Eats talks about Mex Fresh Gozo


Food trucks in gozo that take pride in what they’re serving are few and far between. Unfortunately, our island is held back by the mediocre popular notion that quantity, and a ridiculously cheap price, prevails over quality.

I only empathised with this way of thinking on the basis that it’s difficult to find good quality fast food on our part of the island, but thankfully that is no longer a problem! Last Saturday I had the pleasure of being served authentic mexican food by¬†MEX FRESH GOZO, an amazing new food stall that’s recently popped up in Victoria! Situated in the upper parking lot in Giorgio Borg Olivier Street, this stall serves strictly fresh and seasonal produce, with a varying menu every week to ensure everything is as fresh as possible. They even import special Mexican spices to ensure that every customer gets nothing less than the full flavour experience. From the classic soft shell taco to zesty lime cheesecake, everything is made with respect for ingredients and the culture the food originates from. Last but not least, if you’re on a budget this is hands-down the best place to go get authentic, flavourful food on an island thats sadly over populated with pricey, bland, traditional-style restaurants.

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