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Why Mexican food is so good

Mexican cuisine is like a box of surprises – full of flavors and the freshest ingredients available. The dishes are getting more known and popular in many countries not only the USA and other Latin places, but as well as in Europe. During 4 months we have been operating here in Malta, second sister island Gozo, we have met a lot of foodies who were happy finding us and sharing their experience on the island.

Here are the reasons Mexican food is a must-try for people who love to eat:

  • Variety of dishes: compared to other cuisines, Mexicans are lucky having huge variety of dishes. They start with small appetizers like carne asada tacos, shredded chicken enchiladas or beans flautas and continue with main meals like tamales, pozole or mole.  Huge variety of different pastries, churros or favorite tres leches cake. Who haven’t heard about aquas frescas and sweetness of fresh fruit?
  • Fresh Ingredients: Genuine Mexican cuisine is prepared using carefully picked ingredients. It combines a good balance of vegetables, fishes and meats, which are prepared to preserve nutritional value of the ingredients.
  • Healthy Food: Mexican food is very healthy because most dishes contain all the food groups. Authentic Mexican dishes are abundant with healthy ingredients like avocados, beans, rice, limes, tomatoes, tortillas, and savory meats.

Our Mexican stand became popular of all the mentioned reasons above. Customers appreciate for tasting homemade corn tortillas, meats that are marinated with original seasonings, for the gourmet menu which is daily fresh and different. We want people to know that all we do, is with a huge love and soul for the food and our traditions.

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