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Smoked brisket in Gozo, Saturday, August 26

Hey, Have you ever heard about Texas style brisket? Last Friday I smoked a brisket here in Gozo and seemed that I have to put it on a schedule once in a while:))
I have lived in Texas for 5 years and had an opportunity to learn great tips and secrets of how to smoke a brisket! It’s a science as well as patience of baby sitting huge chunk of meat, but the result is beyond😎… Many years ago brisket was used to be cooked for poor people and hard workers as a part of the pay and only in the last century it became a royal dish and a pride as one of the American dishes and in Texas state brisket is a national dish of the state. If you had a chance to visit those places or have seen on tv, you could feel that awesome vibe when people gather to chat, enjoy the company and wait for that tenderness, juiciness and flavor! I want you to taste it and I believe you will never forget. I put some of my Mexican touch in it and some seasonings as well to make it more special. I even made my special BBQ sauce and coleslaw…. I don’t need to talk much🍔🌮🌯🍛😋😋😋👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻Come it’s only today, Saturday!!!!! Share!!!Call in your orders or for any questions 79437374.
We will start 2pm till dark in Victoria in The Carpark /Parking Lot#smokedbrisketingozo #smokedbrisketinmalta #texasbrisket#gozo #malta #tourist #foodporn #foodphotography #bestfoodtruck#takeawayingozo #takeawayinmalta #freshanddelicious

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