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Mex Fresh Gozo at Happy cow for vegans and vegetarians

Our Mexican food truck is able to satisfy different clientele –  Meat lovers, Fish lovers as well as vegans and vegetarians. More and more people try to eat healthy, take care of their nutrition. Mexican food is always fresh and full of flavors. No grease, no processed food.

Since we care of our customers, we try to offer them different dishes and options.

What do vegans eat – everything except meat, fish, eggs, dairy and even honey. A vegetarian doesn’t eat meat at all, including chicken and fish.

Our options are here below and customers can choose their own ingredients:

  • Beans burritos consist of flour tortilla with beans – we can add guacamole, rice, cheese, tomatoes, onions and cilantro.
  • Beans or potatoes flautas – fried gluten free corn tortilla rolls with beans or potatoes filling. Can be topped with guacamole, cheese, tomatoes, onions and cilantro, Mex cream.
  • Beans-cheese enchiladas – corn tortillas dipped in tomatoes sauce and rolled with beans-cheese filling. Can be topped with different salads.
  • Empanadas – we do with potatoes, and sweet ones as well – with guava jam.
  • Gorditas – corn dough filled with cheese and lightly fried
  • Beans sopes – corn dough lightly fried and topped with beans and different salads.

We can create personal menu for vegetarians and vegans as well. Some of pictures you can check on our profile at Happy cow –

Stay healthy and enjoy at Mex Fresh Gozo.


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